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Candid India Press and Public Relation Services
Press and Public Relation Services
If your competitors are getting the sort of news coverage that makes you drool then perhaps it’s time to bite back with some effective PR! A successful campaign is part pedigree but mostly perseverance, so we’ll take the Jack Russell approach to get your name out there.

Press and Public Relation Services
We will:
  • Manage and control (the product) for public relation and marketing.
  • Maintain good relations with government organisations, regional and international organisations based in the market.
  • Maintain PR with hotels, airlines, tour operators and other professionals in the tourism sector.
  • Maintain close links with representatives from the media by distributing press releases, photographs, videos and other information relating to the product.
  • Provide the company with press cuttings and publications as and when they appear.
We’ll do a lot of digging to understand you market and bone up on your products and audiences before recommending a PR strategy that will have them begging for more! We create and manage reputations, raising sales figures as well as awareness. We will be there to advise on strategy, negotiate for advertising, liaise with the media and handle any unforeseen disasters. In fact we’ll do whatever it takes to give you an almost unfair advantage in the market.

Registered Office

Contact person: Neeraj Chowdhry
A1/76 | 1st Floor
Safdarjung Enclave
New Delhi - 110029 | India
Ph: +91-11-41652410

Marketing & Operations Office

Contact person: Deepika Chowdhry
F-190 | Third Floor
Opp. Hanuman Mandir
Lado Sarai- 110030 | India
Ph: +91-11-41006608

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