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Candid India Who we are
We are a small yet extremely professional representation company that provides personalised services to our partner companies from across the globe. We make it ourresponsibility to create a viable presence for you in the Indian market. Our team comprises of a healthy mix of both experience and energetic enthusiasm. With over a decade and a half behind us in the industry we have a wealth of knowledge in sales and marketing within the product management sector. With this arsenal behind us we are able to provide our clients with expertise through a broad range of services that enables their effective integration into the Indian market.
Deepika Chowdhary
The face behind Candid India
Deepika Chowdhry | Founder

Candid India was the brain child of Deepika Chowdhry and took bodily form in 2004. She is a highly reputed professional from the services and concepts industry. She has more than 16 years experience of national and international marketing, and PR under her belt. Deepika uses her business administrative skills with panache towards the successful culmination of all ventures undertaken. She is a true veteran of the trade who is capable of handling anything from marketing to events (conferences, workshops, seminars, road-shows, galas, professional forums, speaker tours) to communication, hospitality and PR.

A channel for new ideas and adaptability, Deepika leads and motivates her team with her own example thus ensuring the best results for her clients. Her warm and assuring smile coupled with her ability to remain calm even when faced with disastrous circumstances make a favourite with her clients. Her innovative and “can do” approach to business, her superb people skills and knowledge of the travel sector are held in high honour by all her trade colleagues.

Registered Office

Contact person: Neeraj Chowdhry
A1/76 | 1st Floor
Safdarjung Enclave
New Delhi - 110029 | India
Ph: +91-11-41652410

Marketing & Operations Office

Contact person: Deepika Chowdhry
F-190 | Third Floor
Opp. Hanuman Mandir
Lado Sarai- 110030 | India
Ph: +91-11-41006608

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